Savannah Cat: Playful Being

The Savannah cat is a real exotic breed. It originated from a cross between a domestic cat and a Serval - and you can see that in its essence: it is playful and extremely active, mostly friendly, but sometimes also aggressive. The Savannah cat has a friendly and playful nature - Image: Shutterstock / Lindasj22

The exotic Savannah cat is considered the dog among the domestic cats. Even if it carries the genes of a wildcat, the four-legged friend is usually very social and has behavioral characteristics of a dog. No wonder that the Savannah cat usually gets along well with these and other pets.

Dog-like behavior

Like a dog, many specimens of the wildcat cross follow their master or mistress step by step. It is not unusual for them to get used to the leash so that excursions are possible. The pedigree cat also learns how to retrieve quickly. This can have the disadvantage that some things sometimes "disappear" without a trace because the Savannah cat dragged them away. Nevertheless, she has a reputation for being very loyal to her owner.

It is considered a friendly and very active animal with great jumping power, which is why the Savannah cat requires a lot of space. She plays with water with great joy on her forays. In contrast to other cats, jumping into the water is not a test of courage for them, but one of their preferences. Therefore, be careful not to leave any water bowls unattended or to go into the bathtub without locking yourself - otherwise you may soon be lying in the tub in pairs.

Savannah cat: wilderness in the blood

The Savannah cat shows at first glance that its roots are in the wild.

The friendly nature of the Savannah cat

The Savannah cat sometimes shows its shy nature to strangers. This characteristic varies from cat to cat. She rarely shows aggressive behavior. If you already recognize this trait in a young Savannah cat, you should take countermeasures such as scratching, biting and aggressiveness as early as possible - otherwise the aggressive behavior will no longer stop. As a keeper, you are therefore given a particularly large responsibility.

If you enjoy bringing up your wildcat crossbreed and have a lot of time and experience, you can teach the Savannah cat a lot with clicker training for cats. She is extremely curious by nature and learns very quickly.