Brewer's yeast for dogs: food supplements for beautiful fur

Brewer's yeast, as a tried and true natural remedy, is often used as a food supplement. Dogs can benefit from the ingredients of this natural product - skin and fur problems in particular should be alleviated by adding brewer's yeast to the dog food. Brewer's yeast: food supplements for dogs - Photo: Shutterstock / Jan S.


When the dog's fur is no longer shiny and your four-legged friend is constantly suffering from skin eczema or other skin problems, natural "miracle cures" sometimes help. This includes, for example, brewer's yeast. But what is actually in it, what exactly does the dietary supplement help and how is it administered?

Composition and ingredients of brewer's yeast

The natural remedy is a unicellular yeast that multiplies through sprouting. The liquid was removed from a dry brewer's yeast product, which is used as a food supplement. In the process, the cell walls of the fungi die, so that the valuable ingredients can be easily absorbed by the dog's body afterwards.

The valuable ingredients of the natural product include 16 different amino acids and 15 different minerals and trace elements. These include, for example, the antioxidant selenium, which is often not sufficiently available in conventional dog food, but has positive effects on the fur and skin of the animal. In addition, brewer's yeast is low in fat, free of cholesterol and has a low sodium content.

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Medical use of the natural remedy brewer's yeast

Breed yeast is mainly used in dogs as a food supplement for the treatment of skin and coat problems.

Here is an overview of what the dietary supplement can be helpful for the dog:

● Relief of rashes, eczema or lichen
● Improve diabetes, gastrointestinal or liver problems
● Improve the look of the fur

Also ask your veterinarian if he recommends the use of the food supplement. No side effects are known so far.

Administer brewer's yeast: Here's how

Even if no side effects are known, you should pay attention to the correct dosage. Too much dietary supplement does not automatically help anymore. The amount of nutrients to be administered depends on the dog's weight or the manufacturer's instructions - often five grams per day (this corresponds to a teaspoon) is the norm. However, it is best to consult a veterinarian to be sure.

If you have beer yeast in flake form, mix the dietary supplement with the dry food. In the case of brewer's yeast tablets, first dissolve them in water and stir in the nutritious liquid into the feed. In addition, there is the possibility to buy dog ​​food already mixed with brewer's yeast.

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  • 29-05-2014 22:05:55

    sabineschul: I can only recommend brewer's yeast. My dog ​​always had very rough and lackluster fur. If I give him the pills, the fur shines wonderfully. Beer yeast is also good for us humans. Report abuse
  • 09-07-2013 10:07:10

    ursulaschwe: I myself also use brewer's yeast. This should make the hair grow faster. And why shouldn't it be good for my dog? But I don't know if there is brewer's yeast for the dog. The animals don't take the human product, do they? Report abuse
  • 23-05-2013 18:05:23

    nicolegerste9: I regularly give my dog ​​brewer's yeast. Since my little one took it, his fur has been much nicer. It shines right, so to speak. I really can only recommend it. Brewer's yeast is great. Report abuse
  • 23-05-2013 12:05:21

    lauragartne: I regularly take brewer's yeast myself. It is very good for my skin and hair. I was still thinking about giving my dog ​​brewer's yeast. However, I have to say the thought appeals to me very much. My dog's fur is sometimes very limp and lackluster. Brewer's yeast sounds very good to the dog. Report abuse