In detail

Naughty Marmalade: "Hey, can I get something?"

Hangover Marmalade is really a cheeky guy: while his owner tries to eat in peace, the red four-legged friend tries to steal his food - and not just once.

Velvet paw Marmalade apparently puts her master to the test of patience every day: As soon as the master of the house sits on the couch to enjoy his meal in peace, the cat sits next to him and tries to steal something from him. First she sniffs the feed and then of course wants a taste immediately.

Sometimes carefully, sometimes demanding, Marmalade tries to get a piece of the delicacies between the paws. He taps his master, jumps up, or simply stands on his lap to get his attention. But its owner remains strong and cleverly distracts the miez from his food. From time to time he gives in and spoils marmalade with a little treat. Perseverance is sometimes rewarded.

Small and sweet as sugar: red kittens