"Bake, bake cakes": Even this cute Yorkshire Terrier can do it

This mini dog in the video is so cute that it's hard to put into words. The little four-legged friend with the cute bow in his hair loves to play something like "cheek, cheek cake" - and thus competes with two well-known cats.

With a smile on our face, we remember the two funny cats who inspired us with their copying game. Now the two get sweet competition: The 21-week-old Yorkshire Terrier named Misa only needed four days to learn the game. At least that's what the owner says, who uploaded the video to Youtube.

Misa can do even more: "Agility" in mini format

Pretty clever the little one. But Misa has more tricks. At 22 weeks the little sweet bitch mastered the "powerful" destruction of stacks of paper cups. And then it's agility training for beginners in flawless slalom through a mug chain. Respect!

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