Cats can sleep anywhere - really anywhere

Cats spend much of the day sleeping. Your sleeping place can be quite extraordinary. The following pictures show how special. Sleep in a box? No problem for cats! - Image: Shutterstock / klevers

Once you fall asleep, a cat won't let anything upset you. This shows this velvet paw impressively, which has made itself comfortable in the middle of a garden table.

If it is not a garden table, then the TV magazine can also serve as a sleeping aid for the velvet paws.

Oh, and such a plant bed can also be quite cozy.

With this copy you have to take a closer look.

Cats don't stop at washing machines either. How do you wash this cute thing?

The four-legged friends are known to have a soft spot for boxes. Of course, they also serve as a place to sleep from time to time.

The best place to sleep is in one place: Of course, we are talking about mistress or master's lap! There's probably nothing nicer for cats.

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