Cole & Marmalade explain why cats love trees

Why do cats love trees so much? Cole and Marmalade investigated this question with their favorite person Chris Poole. Together they explain in this video why cats like to stay in elevated places.

Cats especially love the following things:

● hunting
● climbing
● Scratching (for sharpening claws and for marking areas)
● Play
● Doze and relax

Trees are made for all of this. In the wild, cats like to use trees as a lookout to keep an eye on their territory. They can also spot spoils from there without being seen. In addition, they are safe from potential attackers up there. This way you can keep everything under control, but you are still safe.

Domesticated cats and house cats enjoy special protection in their own four walls and would not have to hide on trees. But their instincts are still there, so that they feel at home in elevated places. Scratching posts, climbing walls, shelves and door frames are popular with all cats. There you can not only relax, but also romp, play and train your senses and physical skills. And scratching posts are also perfect for claw care.

Cats climbing trees and not coming down

Cats love to climb trees because they feel safe in elevated places. Indeed…