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Animal fun: Tobogganing dog thrills the net

Animals also enjoy snow. The sledding dog Secret provides the best proof of this. Without help, the four-legged friend whizzes down a snow-covered hill with his sled - and not just once.

Secret is an Australian Shepherd and obviously has a soft spot for snow and sledding. The fur nose enthusiastically pulls his sled up a hill to then sled down at full throttle. And because it was so beautiful, again right away.

Dogs in the snow: It's fun!

"Yesterday enough snow finally fell to properly sledge and Secret was thrilled," the dog's owner writes about the video on Instagram. Her partner had slid down the hill on four paws at least 50 times. Sledding is one of his favorite activities. In any case, Secret's joy can be felt. By the way, the short clip of the sledding Secret has been liked 250,000 times so far.