Smoothie and milkshake explore their new home

The two fluffy Highlander cats Smoothie and Milkshake have moved together with their favorite person. In the following video you can see them on their second day in their new home. While Milkshake is already feeling great, the smoothie is still a little intimidated.

British long-haired cat Milkshake is trotting through his new home as if it were a matter of course, as if he had never done anything else or lived elsewhere. His older cat sister Smoothie, on the other hand, explores her new home curiously, but also reluctantly and with caution.

Compared to her first day after the move, on which Smoothie was hiding in the closet, she is much braver:

A week later, the two cats settled in perfectly in their new home. They enjoy looking out the window, sleeping on the bed or simply strolling through the rooms. The master of smoothie and milkshake obviously did everything right.

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