Bathing dogs: You should avoid these mistakes

There are many reasons why a bath is worthwhile for your dog. But no matter whether he feels like a mud bath again, jumped into a deep puddle of dirt or even rolled in feces: Avoid these mistakes when bathing when cleaning your best friend in the bath. If you bathe your dog, you should avoid using shampoo for people - Shutterstock / Boryana Manzurova

There is basically no rule on how often a dog should be bathed. In individual cases, it can almost never be necessary. On the other hand, there are always situations after which your partner with the cold muzzle might need a bath. Then try to avoid these pitfalls.

Wrong shampoo and water temperature

It is a common thought: I can use my own shampoo for humans just as well for my dog! Attention, this consideration is wrong! Dog fur can be attacked too easily by the wrong agent and the natural protective layer of the hair destroyed. That is why there are special dog shampoos, the ingredients of which do not harm the fur of your four-legged friend.

The water temperature is also often set incorrectly. Do not choose the temperature too cold or too hot. The lukewarm jet should also not be too strong.

Bathing dogs: How to do it right

Whether after a particularly exuberant round of gas or romping around in the mud: from time to time ...

Wrong spraying and drying

Pay special attention to the eyes and ears of your best friend when you shower. Here he is very sensitive. Rinse the shampoo carefully at these points. Use care when rinsing your dog's entire body to get rid of all shampoo.

After washing and rinsing, first use your hands to wipe the water off the fur. Then rub it dry with a clean towel. Don't worry, most dogs have little problem with that. If so, you should relax the situation by playing or speaking. If you absolutely want to use a hair dryer, set the temperature of the air flow to cold. Or you can buy a dog dryer that only dries at room temperature.

Too much stress

For many dogs, an upcoming bath is threatening at first, often the animal hesitates to go into the tub. Avoid anything that could mean additional stress for your four-legged friend. This includes, for example, an unsafe stand in the tub - provide a rubber mat. Also avoid massaging the shampoo directly into the fur: first lather it in your hand.