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It gets scary at night: Cole and marmalade on Halloween

Quite creepy, this video! In the house of Cole and Marmalade, something strange is going on for Halloween: When the owners of the cats sleep, strange noises fill the rooms and two small, clumsy creatures with shining eyes walk through the dark rooms.

As soon as the owner and mistress are in bed, Cole and Marmalade conquer their home. However, their owners were smart and set up several night vision cameras in their apartment to capture the Halloween goings-on of their favorites. And as their film "Purranormal Cativity" shows, the girls have a lot of fun in the dark.

They hop through the play tunnel, relax on the scratching post and scramble under the cloth. Even a small tent is seized by one of the scary tigers and tested for its tear resistance. The wild velvet paws keep looking into the cameras, their eyes lighting up in bright white. Really to shudder! At the end of the film, the two fleece balls fight each other on the bookshelf, in which Cole falls to the floor. Fortunately, nothing happened to the playful rascal. With a curious look, he looks at the camera again. To fear, these two cute Halloween monsters!

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