Simon's Cat thinks he's a saber-toothed tiger

Nanu? Who is stalking through the prehistoric snow landscape? About Simon's Cat? Nothing there! A strong, scary saber-toothed tiger is on the hunt for prey! And there is already a potential victim ...

Simon's Cat - more precisely saber-toothed tiger - has targeted a huge mammoth that is grazing peacefully. The cat sneaks up to the primeval proboscis, wiggles his buttocks and starts to jump.

But just when he wants to drill his saber teeth into the mammoth's flesh, the scene changes. We are back in the present and the mammoth was really the unfortunate Simon, who apparently just got up dressed in slippers and a bathrobe. Actually, he just wanted to enjoy a chocolate bar when his little predator suddenly attacked him from behind.

Simon's Cat has not yet realized that he is not really a saber-toothed tiger. And so he tries to shred Simon's bathrobe into bite-size pieces. He then notices that the bathrobe does not taste very tasty - but if it is already there, then he can chew a little further on the fabric, he seems to think.

The look in this Simon's Cat video is different than usual. The creators behind the YouTube series about the cheeky cat and his owner wanted to try out a more sketchy style. This then looks a bit simpler than usual, but this kind of videos can be produced faster. But don't worry: The Simon's Cat stories will continue to be used in the usual style.

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