Fluffy cat plays cheek-cheek cake

The cheeky cheek not only what is for people, but also for cats is impressively demonstrated by this cute fleecy kitty in the video. It is too cute how the fur nose lies on the lap of her mistress and gives high five - again and again and again.

How focused the gray kitty is; you seem to be really enjoying the cheek-cheek cake game. With a lot of feeling she holds out one of the two front paws to her favorite person and cuts off. She doesn't seem to get bored with it. Hilarious!

Attention: The velvet paw in the video drives in a car while it is lying on your lap. However, it is not recommended to transport cats unsecured in the driver's compartment while driving. The animals should always travel safely in a transport box. Should an accident occur, the cats would not be safe and could injure themselves. On the other hand, cats that roam freely in the car can irritate the driver through sudden movements. More information can be found in the guide: "The right transport box for your cat: tips".

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