Perch or wet food? What is healthier for dogs?

An increasingly popular food trend is to bark your dog. But is fresh meat feeding healthier than conventional wet feed from retailers? We'll tell you here. Is raw meat healthier for dogs than processed? - Image: Shutterstock / chaoss

Nutrition is a sensitive issue for people who literally got on the dog. Baref is a method of feeding your four-legged friend. But how does fresh meat feeding compare to commercially available wet food?

Barfen: advantages and disadvantages

Only unprocessed fresh meat and raw, best-mashed fruit and vegetables are fed to the barfen. Opinions differ as to whether barf is really healthier for dogs than classic wet food.
Proponents of this method of feeding claim that the method of feeding corresponds to the origin of the dogs, because wolves and other wild dog breeds also feed.

Many advocates of the Barf method are of the opinion that dogs can better absorb the vitamins and minerals in meat, vegetables and the like in raw form than in cooked or otherwise processed feed. Flavor enhancers and preservatives, which can be harmful, are also eliminated when feeding fresh meat. The creed for barking: the purer the food for the dog, the better.

Overall, dog owners can better control what their four-legged friend is actually eating. Barf is also said to be beneficial to the health of the four-legged friend's teeth and fur. In addition, the feed rations can be individually adapted to the dog.

But not everyone is so positive about the feeding method. Critics blame Barfen for gastrointestinal complaints and various deficiency symptoms. Also, bartending is more expensive compared to other diets and the effort is greater. So dog owners should deal intensively with the topic and also best consult with a veterinarian before starting to barten.

And what about wet dog food?

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Wet food: advantages and disadvantages

Similar to bartending, wet food provides dogs with a high proportion of proteins. As the name suggests, it is also characterized by a high liquid content. This can be particularly beneficial for four-legged friends who drink little, but it can also mean diarrhea for some dogs.

While raw meat can be tough, wet food has a rather soft consistency. This can particularly benefit small dog breeds that only have a small set of teeth.

The disadvantage of wet food is quite clear that wet food is heated compared to barf. As a result, vitamins are lost, which are added in an artificial way. In addition, some owners complain that their dogs stink more from wet food.

Barfen or wet food: which is healthier?

There is no clear answer to this question. Both bass and wet food have their advantages and disadvantages. The best option is to have your dog checked thoroughly by the veterinarian and discuss with the doctor what he would recommend for the animal.

However, should you opt for barf as a diet, have your vet give you a precise overview of which nutrients your four-legged friend needs in which dosage and ensure that he gets them with every meal.