Simon's Cat: Rapid slide on the dining table

Once again, Simon's Cat strains the nerves of its owner. In a new, funny mini-film, the room tiger first becomes a dining table polished to a high gloss for pleasure and then for doom.

Actually, Simon just wants to keep things tidy. He polishes the dining table to gradually cover it. But the initially optimistic master did not make his calculation with his active hangover.

Because Simon's Cat makes fun of the freshly polished dining table: the velvet paw slips over and over again - regardless of the things that its owner places on it. However, Simon does not notice anything from the hustle and bustle until the cuddle on the table suddenly stops.

After some back and forth, Simon's Cat nonetheless makes it back down. However, the Stubentiger does not seem to have learned from his mistakes. He simply continues his slide games. Typical Simon's Cat!

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