Maru, Hana and the mysterious cardboard box

The famous cats Maru and Hana love cardboard boxes. In this video, the two fur faces meet a particularly mysterious specimen. Of course, you have to examine this thoroughly first - first Maru, then Hana.

Tom Maru knows a lot about boxes, but he has probably never seen the new box in his playroom before. He immediately begins to inspect the box curiously. He bites the lid several times before finally finding that the lid can be lifted. "It's a great hiding place!" Maru thinks, and slips inside. As if on cue, his cat friend Hana comes into the room and the game starts again. But when the cute tiger cat lady hops into Maru's hiding place, the cozy cat is probably too tight and he jumps out again.

"Oh menno! Alone is boring," says Hana, and climbs out again. Finally, Maru tries out whether the box is perhaps suitable as a bed and prepares to take a nap on it. But then he flops through the gap in the cardboard lid with his plump plush bottom - apparently the box is not a suitable cat bed.

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