Tips for the dog photo: The correct handling of the dog

One thing is particularly important for the perfect dog photo: good mood. Only if you and especially your four-legged friend have fun will the photos become beautiful and vivid. Here you will find tips for the correct handling of your four-legged friend when shooting, so that the lighting, technology, location and Co. can optimally stage your dog. The Jack Russel Terrier has joy written on his face, which is good for dog and photo - Shutterstock / Mikkel-Bigandt

Would you hang or put a dog photo in the living room where your dog looks bored, sad or even angry? Probably not. Therefore, you should ensure a good mood. Use the following tips to bring fun into the picture.

Allow enough time to take pictures

You actually don't have to do much differently when dealing with your dog to make the photo shoot a success. Just bring patience and do not put yourself or your four-legged friend under pressure to succeed. If you are stressed or rushed, this affects your dog, which is anything but beneficial for a dog photo. Therefore, you should definitely allow yourself enough time for the shoot. Choose a day off and, for example, go out on Sunday with your woof and the camera.

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Shooting tips: treats, toys and fun

Rewards are especially helpful if you want to take a silent photo - a picture on which your dog is standing or sitting, for example. The patience of your animal model must definitely be rewarded, which is why bringing dog treats is a good idea.

Also recommended to keep the dog's mood happy: the favorite toy. So that it does not become exhausting or boring, you should make modeling easier for your dog with dog toys. Be sure to include breaks between the photos where you can play together.

Let the dog run free

It is a matter of taste, but many dog ​​owners find vivid dog photos on which the dog runs, plays, jumps or rages more exciting and beautiful than rigid pictures. So find a good place - maybe your dog even has a favorite place - and keep it on with the camera while he is having fun. The joyful, active dog face in the later photos will prove this advice right.