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Dachshund Finn is happy about squeaky pigs

The cute dachshund in the video is called Finn and his favorite puppy toy was a squeaky pig. Unfortunately, the dog completely destroyed the pig at the time and was very sad about it. Now he is five years old and is given a new squeaky pig, which is just like his old children's toy. How Finn is happy about it is simply heartbreaking!

Dachshund Finn sniffs the squeaky pig curiously before chewing happily on it. The dog squeals with pleasure and is thrilled with joy. Fortunately, the new toy seems to be a bit more stable than the old pig that Finn had bitten into as a puppy. Hopefully it will last longer this time.

Squeaky dog ​​toys are fun!

Squeaky dog ​​toys are one of the most popular jobs for four-legged friends ...