Buy cat basket: tips for the right choice

When you buy a cozy cat basket, you offer your cuddly four-legged friend his very personal place for a relaxed nap. With these tips you will find the right relaxation oasis for your cat. Image: Shutterstock / Liliya Kulianionak

The selection of cat baskets is just as large as the individual requirements of your cats. From wicker to plastic and plush to cord and various types of fabric, everything is possible. When buying a cat basket, you should definitely pay attention to quality.

Buy cat baskets: wicker baskets are the classic

You can get cat baskets made of plush, fabric or cord and plastic. However, the wicker basket is an absolute classic. The good resilience makes the wicker basket the perfect place to sleep for house tigers. The timeless design looks good in almost every apartment. The braid is extremely robust, if a little hard.

Therefore, it should definitely be equipped with a cozy pillow or a soft blanket. It is important, however, that both are washable, preferably in the washing machine. Even if cats are very clean animals in themselves, it can always happen that the cat basket gets dirty.

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Cat basket made of plastic

Cat baskets made of plastic are just as robust, albeit with a lower cuddle factor. The advantage is obvious: If something goes wrong here, the entire sleeping area can be easily cleaned and even disinfected. Here too, a washable blanket or pillow ensures sufficient comfort. In terms of robustness and stability, plastic is in no way inferior to wicker. Another advantage is the price. Cat baskets made of plastic are cheaper than models made of other materials, but usually don't look quite as nice in the home.

Cat baskets made of fabric such as plush or cord

On the other hand, on the top of the cuddly scale are plush cat baskets. They are so beautifully soft that every velvet paw just feels good here. The disadvantage: Because the whole basket is soft and compliant, your room tiger cannot lean against the edge as well. Some kittens are bothered by it. Important tip: If you buy such a cat basket, make sure that you can wash it completely in the washing machine. The same applies to baskets made of fabric or cord, which usually have a more stable edge. Here the cover should be removable and washable.