Man saves tiny minimiez from starvation

When "imgur" user bmusser set off for work, he heard a pitiful meow from the neighboring property. He went on a search and was amazed: a tiny baby kitten had got lost in the undergrowth. The man waited for the cat mother - but she never came. So he carefully picked up the bundle of mini furs and brought it inside.

His wife immediately took care of the tiny pile of misery that even had his umbilical cord and closed eyes. She drove to the nearest pet store to buy cat replacement milk. She fed the minimiez around the clock and kept the fluffy snuggly warm.

In the evening the two went to the vet with the kitten. The latter estimated it to be two to five days old. Fortunately, the plush tube was in good health according to the circumstances.

It has been four weeks now and the small bundle of fur has become a permanent member of the family. The other cats have already made friends with their adoptive siblings. And the family's little son also gets along well with the kitten. What a nice story!

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