Hangover Maru and the pink play tent

A cat and a tent - that's all you need for a sweet video. Okay, not just any cat, but Maru's fluffy nose. The cat presents itself from its particularly delightful side while frolicking around in its pink, hearty quarter. The floor moves miraculously in it, a fact that takes all of Marus' attention.

"What is it that keeps pounding back and forth under the tent floor? Maybe a tasty mouse?", Marus Veluschkopf ticks like this or something similar. Again and again he tries to catch the spot with his clumsy paws. He storms out of the little booth to fly back in with Karacho the next moment. In the meantime, comrade Hana keeps him company in the love-like nest. However, it is significantly less impressed by the action. The opposite pair of cats could be watched for hours.

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