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Get the puppies used to the dog crate

If you want to get a puppy used to the dog crate, it's not that difficult. It is important that you give him positive experiences during training. The little dog should feel safe and secure in its new transport box. To achieve this, we have put together a few tips for you. Papillon training with the dog crate - Image: Shutterstock / Sergey Lavrentev

A dog crate is not only used for safe transport in the car, but also serves as a cozy retreat. If the owner has an important appointment or is in a place that is unsuitable for puppies for safety reasons, for example, he can briefly accommodate his dog in the box. So it makes sense to get him used to it at an early stage.

Puppies in the dog box: How to make the box tasty for him

The puppy should only have positive experiences during his first stays in the dog crate. If you want to get him used to it, you should make the box comfortable for him. Equip the box with a blanket or pillow, provide a bowl of water and hide a few treats. You can also cover the box on three sides with a blanket so that the youngster feels like it is in a cozy cave. Or you serve him his food in the box for a few days and literally make his stay tasty.

Give your puppy time to get to know and explore the dog crate. It should always be in the same place in the apartment and be freely accessible. So he can sniff at her and get to know her. As a result, he loses his fear. After a few days you can then start with the actual training.

Buy dog ​​basket or dog bed for your dog

Whether dog bed or dog basket: your dog should be really nice in his new sleeping place ...

Next step: Into the box on command

Would you like your dog to go into the box on command? Then throw in a treat and - as soon as it starts to fetch it - say a command like "In the box!". After a few days, say the command first and then throw the treat. Reward the dog only when it goes in, not when it comes out. With so much practice, the dog box quickly becomes normal for the young dog - if not his favorite place.

Getting used to the closed door

A puppy should only be locked in his dog crate for a short time (no longer than 30 minutes) and should not experience any restlessness or stress, especially during his first experience with the door closed. Put an exciting chew toy in the box for him to work or choose a time to practice when he is tired from a long walk and likes to make himself comfortable in the box.

Important: Stay in the room when the little dog is sitting behind the closed door in the box for the first time and behave normally when it is allowed out. In the next few days you can then briefly leave the room. After a few training sessions, it will be natural for the dog to stay in the box and he will become more relaxed.