Cat tree: Why it is important for cats

A good cat tree fulfills several functions for your cat and thus contributes to the well-being of your house tiger. Whether scratching, playing or discovering - your velvet paw can live it all out. Here are the most important facts about the function of a cat tree. The scratching post: a multifunctional pastime for cats - Shutterstock / Africa Studio

Do cats really need a scratching post? The short answer to this question is yes. Especially for house cats, the cat tree is essential. But also outdoor enthusiasts who can basically climb real trees outdoors are happy to have great climbing and scratching opportunities in their home. You can find out why this is here.

The scratching post is there for scratching

Sure, the name already says it - the scratching post is used for scratching and scratching. Every cat has a natural scratch drive and must be able to live out its scratching behavior. If, for example, your velvet paw becomes active on your sisal scratching post, it not only takes care of your claws, but also marks them directly as your property. Cats have scent glands between their toes that produce pheromones. When scratching, your velvet paw spreads its individual fragrance on the scratched object.

Where cats recognize their own smell, they feel comfortable, safe and secure. The cat tree is therefore a piece of furniture that belongs entirely to your cat. Better to sharpen her claws and put her fragrance marks there than to scratch your sofa or wallpaper.

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Scratching post as a retreat

Your cat must also be able to withdraw from everyday life. The scratching post is the ideal place for this. Whether for sleeping or resting - here your cat can take some time for itself. At the same time, the cat tree also serves as a viewpoint from which your cat can see the entire room. Increased spaces are simply the biggest for cats!

Ragdoll tomcat Timo finds this in the following video:

Function of the place of play and discovery

Your cat's scratching post is not just for scratching and resting. It is also used time and again as a place to let off steam, play, climb and romp around. If you buy the right cat tree, your cat can discover and try a lot. There are no limits to the play instinct. Since a good scratching post mimics the events to be found in the wild, your darling can live out its natural behavior on the tree.

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Cat tree as a gym for the cat

The scratching post is not only good for your cat's soul, but also trains your muscles and keeps them fit. When scratching, playing and climbing, your mouse hunter can exhaust himself as he likes. The movement on the tree also fulfills a balancing function.

The two cat friends Cole and Marmalade don't want to do without their scratching post either: