These cute mini pigs are conquering YouTube

"Grunt, grunt! We are coming out of the way here!" The first two pigs of the YouTube compilation flash at lightning speed towards the camera. Every animal lover suspects at this sight: A pig rarely comes alone - and so ten other cute babes follow in this video.

The funny clip leaves no doubt: the lively mini pigs are the undisputed stars in their household. With a grunt of satisfaction, the little four-legged friends storm through their dwelling - and climb and roll over their mistress or their furry roommate. The latter endures the cheeky somersault over his back with stoic serenity: "There you were again pig that I like you, piglet."

And the owners of the squeaky rascals? They spoil their darlings in a row. It is fed, sung to sleep, curled up and cuddled as much as possible. But honestly: Who could resist these cute little animals? The cute video already impressed over 1.7 million viewers on YouTube.

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