Why do cats blink? Meaning in cat language

And their eyelids clink again, but why do cats blink? Is it just a crazy mood of nature or do the velvet paws want to tell us something, send a secret message? Read here what the peculiarity that can be observed in cats is all about. Why do cats blink? To express their gentleness - Shutterstock / somsak nitimongkolchai

When people talk, they usually look each other straight in the eye. In doing so, they signal to their counterpart that they are listening to them and at the same time they radiate self-confidence. The situation is very different for many animal species: Dogs, for example, find that looking directly into the eyes is aggressive, which is why they often turn their heads to one side or stop by. Cats behave differently: they blink often.

Why do cats blink? To appease.

To understand why cats are blinking, you first have to watch the velvet paws carefully. Cats also don't like to be stared at and sometimes find this behavior hostile. Nevertheless, they often fixate on each other. The whole head is then in attention mode: eyes, ears and nose are directed at the subject in front of them. Is that an invitation to fight? A provocation? Dominance posturing? So that this impression does not arise, Kitty defuse her fixed gaze by blinking. The behavior is therefore to be interpreted as a soothing signal. The velvet paws say "I'm not doing anything to you. I'm kind to you".

In addition, blinking is often a sign that the animal is satisfied. When cats rhythmically lock and unlock the eyelids, they are usually very well. This is why it can happen that you watch a cat blinking all by itself. The animals dedicate their gaze, which radiates a lot of coziness, but also their peers and people.

Cats already adopt their gentle look as babies. When the basket becomes tight and an argument threatens to break out of the fence, the little ones blink to relax the situation again. And if a cat has not been part of a group for a long time, the blinking serves as a kind of welcome. The animal can then see itself again as a member of the community.

Cat language: what cat eyes have to tell

The communication of cats does not only consist of body language and sounds. The cat's eyes too ...

Do the self test

Are you a cat owner and want to make your kitty blink? Why not, try the following: Make eye contact with your four-legged friend, look them in the eye for a few seconds, and then blink slowly.

Then turn your head slightly to the side so that the velvet paw notices that you don't want anything bad. Look back - well, does it give you its engaging look? If it isn't, it's because your kitty has adapted perfectly to you as a biped. She has registered that her native people prefer direct eye contact and is therefore less likely to blink in your presence.