Border Collie: important for education

The education of a border collie is something for people who are well versed in dogs and bring a lot of calm and patience. The special character of the beautiful herding dog ensures that you have to pay attention to a lot. There are a few things to consider when raising a border collie - picture: Shutterstock / Acuitas

Since the Border Collie learns at lightning speed, it is very important that its owners are aware of what they want from their dog and how they can convey it to them. He notices wrong behaviors just as quickly as right ones.

Gentle, consistent and expert education

Consequence is very important, because an inconsistent owner is a reason for the Border Collie to make his own decisions rather than leaving them to his owner. What also makes the upbringing not so easy is the sensitivity of the pretty dog. Whoever yells at him, is rough or unjust with him, can mess with him forever. Do you dare to treat your pet lovingly but consistently, even if it gets a little more difficult with him because he brings out his "stubborn"? Only then, and if you can offer him the correct posture, should you consider having a Border Collie moved in with you.

Special features of this dog breed

The Border Collie is an exceptionally clever, learned dog who not only does a variety of tasks with flying colors, but also needs them formally. No wonder that he is constantly successful in dog sports like agility. If it is underused, it can be difficult.

Tasks for the brain and those with which he can let off steam are indispensable for him. Also keep in mind that the dog with the strong hunting and herding instinct has blood in its blood to make its own decisions. It is extremely difficult to get rid of that completely. Integrating these special behaviors into everyday life is a special challenge.

Border Collie: herding dog and sports cannon

Tips and tricks for the education of border collies

If you want to train your Border Collie, please note the following:

● If you get the Border Collie as a puppy, make clear from the start what the rules are, what it is allowed and what is not. He'll surely push his limits, but don't give in when he does something he shouldn't. If the puppy gets through wrong behavior more than once, it is difficult to get it out of the way.

● Have you instilled the first commands into your Border Collie and try them out while walking, do not react with criticism and scolding if the dog does not react immediately. It does the opposite. Even if he only follows the instructions after multiple requests, shower him with praise.

● Because of its breeding as a herding dog, a border collie will never stop working on its own. Transferred to you, this means that even after hours of playing, your dog would never think that it was enough now. You have to weigh this yourself and decide when the dog is at the end of its strength. Movement is important, but it is equally important to teach the Border Collie to be calm.

● Try out clicker training with your border collie. A clicker is a little cracked frog that makes clicks and signals when a dog has done something right. This type of training is gaining more and more enthusiastic followers because it not only achieves quick results, but the dog also has to think along. And if there is a dog breed that can and loves it, it is the Border Collie.