Malinois: Training and education for the German Shepherd

The Malinois is becoming increasingly popular in this country. As a herding and cattle dog, a Belgian Shepherd is not only extremely intelligent, but also very independent - a trait that needs a good upbringing. Read what is important here. It takes a lot of empathy to educate the Malinois - shutterstock / Fesus Robert

The police and customs have long recognized the strengths of the Malinois and are increasingly using the Belgian as a service dog. In addition to his zeal for work, the Belgian Shepherd dog has a clear claim: he wants a clear task and preferably all day long. A combination that needs some sensitivity and great consistency in the upbringing.

How can the Malinois be raised properly?

If the Malinois is fully grown, it is a strong and agile four-legged friend with a great urge to move and hunting instinct. Be consistent from the start when it comes to executing the commands. You shouldn't let your furry nose run if she refuses to do so in between.

You should use the Belgian hunting instinct: Already when you learn basic commands like "sit" or "place" you work better with toys instead of treats that serve as "prey". Only after the dog has carried out the command, throw the toy away. To train impulse control, extend the phases in which the malinois must sit before throwing its beloved utensil. You can also train the on-foot command with the toy. Show it, put it under your jacket, and run. As soon as your dog runs right next to your knee, take out the toy and throw it away.

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General tips for handling your Malinois

Offer your four-legged comrade as much variety as possible. Demand the Belgian’s intelligence and enthusiasm, he will give it back to you with almost boundless joie de vivre and great reliability. Go at least one step further than learning the basics and walking your Malinois for a long time. Whether dog sport or a voluntary activity, for example as a rescue dog: your loyal companion must be mentally challenged so that he feels comfortable.

Malinois: Training as a sports dog

The Malinois is perfect for training as a sports dog. The prerequisite is that you socialize the dog sensitively and disciplined right from the start. As a sports dog, your Belgian Shepherd will be in contact with many other dogs and their owners during training and competitions - and in an environment that is lively and exciting.

In this respect, great obedience is particularly important with this breed. Attend a dog school accordingly early. Only when this training has been completed satisfactorily and your four-legged friend is fully grown should you think about a sport for your dog. Sporting disciplines for which the Malinois is suitable include: agility, discdogging, flyball and protective dog sports.