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American Staffordshire Terrier: education

When raising an American Staffordshire Terrier, responsibility and very good dog knowledge are required. The big, strong dog should never be in the hands of beginners. Raising the American Staffordshire Terrier: Let's get started in puppy age - Image: Shutterstock / Sergey Lavrentev

A powerhouse like this should definitely be brought up perfectly and listen very well to its owners. The upbringing begins as soon as a dog moves in with its new owner as a puppy. Visits to the dog school and careful socialization help the four-legged friend to become a very reliable partner.

Important for education: responsible caregiver

The "Staffie" is a clever four-legged friend with a high willingness to learn. A consequent, self-confident dog owner will quickly notice that it is easy to raise this dog. A very good prerequisite for successful cooperation is that this four-legged friend would like to please its owner ("will to please"). So it is the responsibility of his master to show him what behavior is expected of him and which not.

The dog owner should never show fear of his pet or let him go through undesirable behavior. It is very important for the dog's good behavior that he knows that he can always rely on his human being as the leading figure. Dealing calmly, friendly, safely and consistently with this pet is just as important as strong, confident leadership and clear rules.

American Staffordshire Terrier: character

The strong, sporty American Staffordshire Terrier has a strong and brave character ...

American Staffordshire Terrier: Other peculiarities of the breed

Good utilization is essential for the American Staffordshire Terrier: the bundle of energy must let off steam every day and be allowed to pursue activities that demand it. If he is mentally and physically busy, he is happy and can be as calm and balanced as you want him to be. In the country you and the animal will probably have more fun than in the city. Because there the character head can fully meet its urge to move.

You should definitely work with him on his guard and protective instinct, which should never persuade him to act independently. A dog trainer will help you with any uncertainties.

American Staffordshire Terrier: posture

Keeping an American Staffordshire Terrier requires dog mind, responsible ...

American Staffordshire: A family dog ​​if raised properly

Some dogs skeptics quickly find its powerful appearance scary. Yes, the American Staffordshire Terrier is one of the so-called fighting dogs, but with a loving and consistent upbringing, the four-legged friend is absolutely harmless and suitable for families. He is even called "Nannydog" in English because of his pronounced protective instinct. Promote his positive qualities by being kind to him and presenting himself in a decisive way. Then you will have a lot of fun.