Alleviate bloating in dogs: These home remedies can help

If you want to alleviate bloating in dogs, you can use certain home remedies. The following applies: try different means. One measure may help more, the other less. Here you will find helpful tips.

Important: Flatulence in dogs can be an indication of a serious illness. In this case, relieving the symptoms with home remedies is not enough - they cannot replace a visit to the vet. In case of doubt, therefore always consult a specialist. However, if your dog only has occasional flatulence, the following home remedies can help.

Caraway seeds: home remedies for flatulence in dogs

The use of certain spices and herbs - like in humans - can have a positive effect on flatulence in dogs. Caraway, for example, could be the method of your choice. Simply mix a few caraway seeds into the dog food. Caraway tea is also a possible variant - the caraway seeds are boiled for about ten minutes and then sieved. You can spray the cooled caraway tea between your teeth and lips with a syringe (without a cannula!), For example, if he does not drink the tea from the bowl. In addition to pure caraway tea, fennel anise caraway tea has also proven itself as a water substitute. You can also get this ready in teabags. Fennel and anise also have a calming effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

Dog has bloating: what can it be?

You lie unsuspecting next to your dog on the sofa, read a book and suddenly that: It stinks ...

Further measures against dog bloating

In addition to the use of stomach-friendly spices and herbs, you can also add a teaspoon of orange juice to the feed. The juice helps against acidification, stimulates digestion and has a slightly laxative effect at the same time. Another home remedy for dog bloating is medicinal clay from the pharmacy, which can help normalize gastrointestinal activity. You can mix these into the dog food. Alternatively or in addition, exercise could also help. Physical activity stimulates the intestines and can literally dissolve flatulence in the air.

In many cases, changing the diet helps with flatulence

Not a real home remedy, but effective in many cases: a change in diet. Flatulence is often the consequence of improper dog nutrition. Inferior feed or intolerance can be the cause, so changing feed can be the right way. It is best to discuss these with the veterinarian, who can give you tips on the breed-typical requirements for dog nutrition.

If your dog's gastrointestinal tract is overloaded, it can help to feed your dog temporarily with light food. Light diets are mainly easily digestible foods such as unsalted rice, cooked chicken or cooked carrots. You can find more about the possible causes of flatulence in the guide: "Dog has flatulence: what can be the cause?".