Bernese Mountain Dog: essence of the gentle giant

The Bernese Mountain Dog is known as a patient, good-natured family dog. The essence of the great Swiss is friendly and people-related. You still need to know about his character: Friendly, confident and fond of children: this is the essence of the Bernese Mountain Dog - Image: Shutterstock / DragoNika

The Bernese Mountain Dog feels very comfortable in large families. His nature is considered to be fond of children, open and very patient - ideal for households with children. Where smaller breeds such as the Chihuahua are happy about play units, but are simply a bit sensitive due to their small body size, the large herding dog can give their full strength. And he likes to do that too.

Characteristics of the Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is very patient and good-natured. Another characteristic that makes him the ideal family dog: he can hardly be disturbed by anything. Thanks to its high stimulus threshold, it reacts absolutely calmly to most environmental influences. This also makes him a perfect animal partner when dealing with children.

However, this dog breed has a hunting instinct - but this is not too pronounced. With a good upbringing, walks with your new pet should not be a problem. The "gentle giant" can be a compliant dog, provided that he has been well brought up and is kept and employed appropriately. In dogs this is of course not only dependent on the breed, but also depends on the nature.

Bernese Mountain Dog: The Big One from Switzerland

Nature: Reliable, but stubborn

The other side of the coin: As friendly and good-natured as the Bernese Mountain Dog is by its nature - it can also be stubborn. This four-legged friend is very confident. If he doesn't feel like doing a job, it takes a lot of persuasion to get him to do it. However, the following also applies here: With sufficient motivation and consistent upbringing from the puppy age, you should be able to get this character trait under control. Among other things, positive motivation and consistency are means for success.

What is important to the four-legged friend with his human-related nature is that he is rarely alone. He enjoys being everywhere, which doesn't mean that he often wants to be the center of attention. Make sure that you always keep your Bernese Mountain Dog busy, i.e. both physically and mentally demanding and encouraging. You can find helpful tips in the guide: "Bernese Mountain Dogs employ: Which dog sport?"