Cat-friendly apartment: 5 tips for the right flooring

A cat-friendly apartment not only needs play and climbing opportunities as well as cozy sleeping places, but also a suitable floor covering so that the kitty feels comfortable and you have a clear conscience. With the following tips, the selection is very easy. cat-friendly apartment with a cozy, easy-care floor - Shutterstock / kazoka

Carpet, parquet or tiles? Which flooring is the best for a cat-friendly apartment? It should be robust so that the cat's claws cannot harm it when playing. However, it should also feel comfortable for the cat's paws. An easy-care floor is also practical if young pussies are not yet house-trained or your house tiger gets rid of hairballs more often. At the same time, the floor should fit into the appearance of the apartment and also meet visual requirements for cat owners.

1.Vinyl floor: easy-care and non-slip

Vinyl flooring meets most requirements for a cat-friendly home. It is waterproof, easy to clean and does not scratch easily. In addition, vinyl floors generally do not contain any toxins that could be harmful to you or your fur nose. Furthermore, this covering is available in a wide variety of colors and designs, so that you should be able to easily find something that suits your taste and style of living.

2. Tiles: nice and cool in summer

Tile floor coverings are also robust, easy to maintain and free of toxins. In summer heat, tiles are also ideal for cats to cool off. However, in winter this can be a bit uncomfortable if you don't have underfloor heating. A few floor mats or carpets that you can lay on the floor here and there can help. So the velvet paw can snuggle up there when it gets too cold on the tiles.

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3. PVC flooring: quality matters

Subject to reservation, a floor covering made of PVC is well suited for a cat-friendly apartment, as it is stable and non-slip and is available in all possible variants. However, it can contain pollutants such as plasticizers, which can be harmful to human and animal health in the long term. Here it is worthwhile to dig deeper into your wallet. More expensive but high-quality PVC coverings are less contaminated.

4. Cat-friendly apartment with wooden floors?

A wooden floor made of parquet or laminate looks beautiful and feels pleasant. However, they are only suitable if the quality is of high quality. Both cat paws and human feet feel comfortable on it. However, the smooth surface is not so non-slip, which could possibly spoil the fun of the kitty. Solid wood parquet can be sanded off with scratches and thus has a decisive advantage over laminate where this is not possible. With solid wood parquet, scratches can simply be sanded down over time. In general, wooden floors are less easy to maintain than tiles, vinyl or PVC. For example, this material does not tolerate too much moisture.

5. Natural stone and carpet less suitable

Marble, granite and other natural stone flooring is not recommended for a cat-friendly apartment. They do not tolerate moisture and are sensitive to dirt. The floor covering doesn't look good anymore. Carpet is very cozy, but unfortunately also difficult to maintain. Dirt, cat hair and dust get caught in it and can only be removed to a limited extent. In the long run, this can not only become unsightly, but also unsanitary.