Osamu and Co .: Flat share cat in Japan is getting bigger

The cats in the video all live together in a shared apartment in Japan and get along well. The owner of the fur noses originally started with nine cats. Then came Veluschkaterchen Osamu and the cat flat share was ten. With lucky kitten Momo, the purring flat-sharing community grew to eleven plush noses - and apparently more and more. In the first film, a little lucky cat was added.

Osamu, in particular, really worked in his new role as a big cat brother for the kittens. He plays and cuddles with the Schnuffelschnuten, cleans them and takes care of them. In the next video, the new lucky cat baby Mi-ke Neko ("three-colored cat") is no longer there, but now a gray tabby cat child named Rey is completing the flat share. However, it is not yet clear whether the kitten will stay, because the Japanese favorite of the large cat family initially only temporarily cares for stray kittens from his area. He takes them in, socializes them with his fur noses, and when they're old enough and trusting, he tries to convey them.

In the following video, Mi-ke Neko is back. The home to which she was placed has unfortunately proven unsuitable. Apparently her new owners had failed to take her to the vet and take care of her responsibly. Therefore, she has temporarily moved back to Osamu and Co. Fortunately, she looks great in the cat flat share!

The last video says goodbye to Mi-ke Neko. The people who had already adopted their brother Kuro Neko (black cat) have agreed to offer the lucky kitten a loving home. How nice! In the meantime, apart from Rey and Mi-ke Neko, a baby cat has also joined. A gray tabby kitten with white spots is (temporarily) number 14 in the extended cat family.

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