Keep cats away from the kitchen: 5 tips

Anyone who has a velvet paw at home will know it: the cat jumps on the kitchen counter. Keeping away is not always easy, as the house tigers are known to have their own heads and the work surface in the kitchen is quite interesting. Unfortunately, it is not always hygienic if cat hair flies around where the food is prepared. Some cats do naughty things in the kitchen - Shutterstock / Africa Studio

If you want to keep your cat away from the kitchenette, it helps to understand why she jumps on it at all. In most cases it is pure curiosity - cats want to see and see everything in their area. If cat owners chop vegetables or prepare meat "up there", this will arouse Miez's interest. The tap or the sound of running water can also be exciting. In some cases it is simply the good view from above that is responsible for the jump to the work surface.

1. With patience and consistency

This tip can work, but it doesn't have to. It depends on your cat's personality whether or not you can persistently keep it away from the kitchenette. And this is how it works: If your sofa lion jumps onto the work surface or sink, consistently take it down again and place it on the floor in a friendly but determined manner. At the same time, you give a clear "no" to the best. If you are lucky, your cat will internalize this and think twice about starting to jump or not. Important: Under no circumstances should you scream, scold wildly or display aggressive behavior - this only ensures that your cat becomes afraid of you.

2. Conditioning with noise

The cat's hearing is very sensitive, which is why you should never shout at your pet. Unpleasant noises can, however, be used for conditioning if it is not too loud. For example, rustle with a tin can in which you previously put a few coins as soon as your cat jumps on the kitchen counter - she is guaranteed not to like the noise. Little by little, your velvet paw will understand the connection between the kitchenette and the annoying clang and leave your paws on the floor. You can find more information on the topic in the guide: "Shooing away cats with harmless household remedies".

3. Conditioning with water

A small splash of water from the squirt bottle can have the same effect as the tin can trick. The principle is similar: Whenever your cat jumps on the kitchen counter, give it a little splash so that it goes down and knows: "I'm getting wet up there, so it's better to stay away." However, this method is not without criticism. Find out in the guide: "Are water pistols and spray bottles useful for cheeky cats?"

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4. Double-sided tape

The natural enemy of cat paws is double-sided adhesive tape with only slight adhesive strength. If you equip your kitchenette with this - for example in the form of individual adhesive tape dots - your kitty will probably avoid the terrain because it is uncomfortable for her to put her paws on the adhesive. Think of a good way to push the tape aside as quickly as possible when you want to work on the countertop. Maybe you can just stick the glue dots to the wall while you're busy.

5. Water fountain as an alternative

This trick only helps if you have observed your cat jump on the kitchen counter because it finds the tap and the running water interesting. As an alternative, you can simply offer her a drinking fountain - she can also drink directly from it, so that you kill two birds with one stone.