Cat Sitter: Holiday care in a familiar environment

A cat sitter can be the solution if you go on vacation and can't take your cat with you. A good "babysitter" for your velvet paws is ideal, especially if friends live too far away or the neighbors do not have time to take care of your fur noses for the holiday care. Here you will learn how to find suitable care and what you should pay attention to when choosing. Image: Shutterstock / Susan Schmitz

Cats generally feel most comfortable in their own home, in their own territory - accommodation with friends or in a pet boarding house during the holiday can mean unnecessary stress for the beloved four-legged friend. So-called cat sitters offer an alternative. Agencies or self-employed persons offer care for your cat in their usual environment.

Cat sitter: advantages of on-site holiday care

This is an advantage, for example, if your velvet paw is more of a loner and would not get along with other cats in a pet boarding house. Many cat sitters also offer to bring in the mail or water the flowers while you're away. The prices vary depending on the provider and the scope of the childcare offer. It is best to start looking for a suitable cat sitter as early as possible, get various offers, compare them and meet the potential candidates in person beforehand.

An individual holiday care by a cat sitter can also be useful if your cat needs special nutrition, medication or help because she is chronically ill. Individual care means that she can be looked after much better and, if necessary, taken to the vet quickly.

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Choosing the right cat sitter: Tips

Professional cat sitters should have appropriate qualifications. Ideally, the sitter you choose has a cat yourself and therefore knows the four-legged friends well. In addition, the caregiver should come over and get to know the cat at least once, but preferably several times before your holiday.

It makes a good impression if he notes down all the important things during the visits. With agencies you should inquire whether there is a permanent carer so that a new person is not sent to your animal again and again. In addition, professional cat sitters should have liability insurance. If you also listen to your gut feeling, you will surely find a suitable supervisor for your darling.

If you have chosen a cat sitter, you should conclude a contract with him or her in which all important points are noted, such as the assumption of costs for possible visits to the veterinarian, the scope and costs of holiday care, and legal regulations on liability if something happens to the animal. Also, leave your cat caregiver with a checklist that includes the chip and tattoo number, vaccinations, and contact details for the vet. You can also write down what characteristics your cat has, what food it likes to eat and what else it needs.