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Boxer Mylo doesn't understand what his owner wants

Poor boxer Mylo in the video has to listen to a rather long monologue of his mistress, who apparently wants to persuade him to take a bath. The dog listens carefully but does not understand a word. He blinked at his human mom in confusion and cocked his head.

"Oh dear, what does she want from me?" Boxer Mylo seems to be asking himself as his mistress's word gushes over him. "Hmm, it doesn't seem like a good thing, I think it's best to sit here," he decides at first. When his owner goes down the stairs, he follows her first. Finally the penny falls: "Into the bathroom? Och nööö," says the dog - and quickly runs up the stairs again.

Water fun with floating dog toys

If your dog is a water rat and can also retrieve, one must of course not be missing: ...