Little wombat baby Jindi explores his world

The cute little wombat girl in the video is called Jindi and lives with her mom Jumunji in the Melbourne Zoo in Australia. She is ten months old and has only recently left her maternal pouch - wombats are marsupials and are therefore related to koalas and kangaroos. How the cute little animal fumbles to explore its surroundings is simply to melt away.

Strictly speaking, Jindi is a southern hair nose wombat and, for wombat conditions, still a small child. The marsupials can live up to 24 years in good conditions and are only sexually mature at two to three years. After about three weeks of gestation, baby wombats are born, but then stay in their mom's warm, safe bag for six to nine months. Wombat girl Jindi is a little shy and stays in her cave for a while. But there is also a lot to discover there. You get really tired, Jindi thinks, and snuggles lovingly on the soft fur of her mom. Too sweet!

Wombat: Bearded little inhabitant of Australia