Dog kennel: what you should pay attention to

The exclusive accommodation of four-legged friends in the dog kennel does not represent a species-appropriate attitude. Nevertheless, a kennel can be a useful addition if you occasionally have to leave your dog alone at home for a short time. Dog kennel: What you should pay attention to - Photo: Shutterstock / Jagodka

If you keep a few things in mind, the dog kennel can become an acceptable retreat for your four-legged companion. Here you will find tips on what you need to consider when it comes to animal protection when keeping kennels and how you can make your dog's stay more pleasant.

Dog kennels and animal welfare dog regulations: legal information

The Animal Welfare Dog Ordinance of 2001 prescribes rules regarding the size of premises in dog keeping. The minimum size of kennels depends on the shoulder height of the animal and is staggered in three stages: dogs up to 50 centimeters must have at least six square meters of space available, dogs with 50 to 65 centimeters shoulder height are entitled to eight square meters and for all larger dogs You plan ten square meters. However, note that these are minimum sizes. The more space you give your four-legged friend, the more comfortable they will feel.

Accommodation in the dog kennel does not of course release you from the obligation to grant the animal sufficient social contact and employment. In addition, the regulation prescribes a run twice a day with a total duration of at least one hour. However, you should not keep a dog exclusively in the kennel. This is not a worthy life for the animal.

Buy dog ​​kennels: Observe animal welfare regulations

Would you like to buy a dog kennel for your dog? A good idea, provided you keep going ...

So the dog kennel becomes a safe retreat

If you choose the location for a dog kennel, make sure that the open side is oriented against the main wind direction. Alternatively, you can also equip the windward side with a windbreak. Basically, even if it is raining or snowing, part of the kennel should always remain dry - a dog kennel must therefore be part of it. The animal should also be protected from the midday sun. Ideally, the opening of the dog kennel should be aligned so that your dog can always keep eye contact with the house.

Equip dog kennels: Your dog will be happy about that

In addition to a sufficiently large, cozy dog ​​house, your four-legged friend should find comfortable sleeping spaces in the kennel. A dog basket with a soft pad in the weather-protected area offers him the opportunity to rest comfortably if necessary. In addition, you can make your dog's stay easier by adding as many familiar items as possible, such as his favorite toy or cozy blanket. He should also have access to fresh water and feed.

Furthermore, your four-legged friend will be happy if you let him part of the garden in the kennel or set up his own small garden there. There, for example, they can dig, sniff around and engage themselves.