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Baby platypus are sooo cute!

Platypus along with the echidna are among the only mammals to lay eggs. The two baby platypuses in the video hatched around four months ago and have now left their burrow for the first time. At the time of the video, they were still living in the Hotel Mama in the wildlife sanctuary "Healesville Sanctuary" northeast of the Australian city of Melbourne.

In the meantime, the two platypus boys have been given the names Yaro and Wilam and moved to other zoos in their own homes. Platypus usually live as loners. In the film, Yaro and Wilam are still a heart and a soul, even though they have different personalities. Yaro is a little more extroverted and lively than Wilam, who is a bit more reserved and calmer, says the homepage of "Healesville Sanctuary". However, they are both cute!

The platypus: "Once with everything, please!"

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with being human? Then take an example on the platypus ...