Beagle Maymo plays with his goat friends

The two Beagle Maymo and Penny have animal family additions: the baby goats Wilma and Lentil. In the video, the dogs carefully sniff their new friends, then Maymo absolutely wants to play with the kids. His sister Penny, however, prefers to retire.

The goat babies of the pretty beagle lady Penny are not that cautious. She tries to hide under the sofa from the kids, but such a small ungulate naturally fits easily under the couch. Since the bitch must probably look for a better hiding place. Maymo, on the other hand, is much more sociable and happily plays with his new friends.

However, the baby goats are still a bit clumsy and clumsy and don't understand very well what Beagle Maymo wants to tell them. They cheerfully silly and hop around, climb on it everywhere, knot everything and just don't seem to get tired. Even a playful dog like Maymo is a bit exhausted at some point and prefers to make himself comfortable on the sofa.

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