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Cat Osamu wants to make friends with mom Momo

The fluffy cat Osamu and the small three-colored fur nose Momo in the video live together with nine other cats in a velvet paw flat share in Japan. Kitten Momo was picked up by Osamu's human dad as a stray, nursed to health - and finally accepted into the family.

Katschen Osamu was the nestling of the cat flat share until Momos moved in and kept his furry nose friends on their toes. Now the cheeky badger is gradually calming down, Momo is causing a stir with her temperament. Your big adoptive brother seems to like that - he always starts cautious advances, can be patiently sniffed, growled and started. One thing you have to leave kitty Momo - the little girl is really fearless. Nevertheless, it is nice that she no longer has to struggle as a stray dog, but has found such a great, loving home with lots of playmates.

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