Naughty Bengal kitten teases his mom

A bengal kitten without siblings like Kai in the video has to get rid of all his energy somewhere. Who would be better suited for this than the loyal cat mother? So the tiny one does his best: Meadow playground - parents are liable for their children.

Be careful, this Bengal kitten is only three and a half months old and is already a heartbreaker of the very best. Or have you ever seen such a cute polka dot fleece? Mommy doesn't see it that differently, even if fumbling around on the head gets too annoying at some point. Doesn't matter, the next chance will come, thinks the Bengal-Mini and is right: Soon a new opportunity will not be grasped by the crest but by the tail. Old principle in raising children: creating alternatives. Mama Bengalino will have been very happy about the stuffed dog. And the sweet cat face? The main thing is movement - and not too far from mom.

Tips for keeping a Bengal cat

The Bengal cat is one of the most beautiful, but not the easiest cat breed in the world ...