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Becoming a dog sitter: Requirements for dog owners

Becoming a dog sitter or dog walker has some prerequisites. A perfect dog handler gives his protégés a lot of love, but is also aware of the great responsibility. Because behind this activity there are diverse tasks that should not be underestimated. The little rascals keep their dog sitter busy! - Shutterstock / Africa Studio

"Dogs are soooo cute" - so why not work as a dog sitter to let your love of animals run free? It is possible. But there are different types of dog sitters: dog walkers, taking in and taking care of one or two four-legged friends from time to time or opening a dog boarding house.

It is essential to differentiate the commercial and commercial activity as a dog sitter from the hobby variant. It is different whether a student improves her pocket money every now and then or you make a profit from your work. Then it must also be officially stated as a profitable activity. But basically there are some important requirements before you take responsibility for your four-legged friends.

Strengths of a dog sitter

Dog love, having fun with your four-legged friends and a certain passion are basic requirements. There is no use to you if you do not like dog hair and dog smell. Fear of the four-legged friends, if they react unexpectedly differently, would also not be optimal. As a dog sitter, you still need some personal skills to do a good job:

  • ● responsibility - Be aware that you are responsible for a living being that also belongs to someone else.
  • ● empathy - You need this if you have to adapt to different characters of humans and dogs.
  • ● criticism - Dog owners all have their own methods of training. Be prepared for it.
  • ● understanding - Understanding a dog's wishes requires understanding and understanding for four-legged friends.
  • ● ability to act - The ability to act quickly in an emergency and to keep a cool head is very important.
  • assertiveness - You should also be able to deal with supposedly "poorly trained" or "difficult" dogs.

Develop knowledge in dog training

In the next step, you will acquire theoretical specialist knowledge in the areas of dog psychology, training and education. This allows you to better assess dog behavior and react accordingly. Get a good overview of the characteristics and preferences of different dog breeds, there are significant differences. Experience in dealing with the versatile four-legged friends is always an advantage.

You can gain practical experience, for example, on a voluntary basis in animal shelters or ask for an internship in local animal pensions. In dog schools, with dog trainers and even in online courses, you can familiarize yourself with various dog topics. In addition to personal strengths and experience, there are other important requirements.

Requirements for budding dog sitters

  • ● flexibility - Can the job be integrated into your everyday life?
  • ● Rules of the landlord - Are animals allowed in your four walls at all?
  • ● Own pets - If there are other animals in your household, first try whether it works stress-free with a four-legged visit.
  • ● To know - Do you know where vets and possible excursion destinations are nearby? You should also know where and when lines are required.
  • ● Weather resistance - Even in storms and rain, the four-legged friends want to get out.
  • ● validation - Have all insurance questions been clarified? If something happens, liability insurance from the dog owner or the dog sitter is required.
  • ● Furnishing - Only with the right preparation can you do all the tasks as well as possible. Dog-friendly and safe transport must be ensured and having your own dog leash collection cannot hurt either.

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Duties of a dog sitter

You can be active as a "dog walker" who takes care of training and utilization of the dogs outside. However, full-day care in your own four walls or even holiday care over several days and nights is possible as a holistic dog sitter. Think about the extent to which you want to take care of dogs and what is possible under the given circumstances. Only accept orders that are easy to implement for you. With an "all inclusive" dog sitter there are many tasks:

  • ● Joint planning with the dog owner about feeding, preferences, medication etc.
  • ● Collection of the four-legged friend from the office or at home
  • ● Physical and mental utilization of the animals
  • ● Socialization with other members of the same species
  • ● Drug administration if necessary
  • ● Educational measures in the interest of the dog owner

Become a commercial dog sitter

If you have gained experience with your hobby for a few years, the idea may arise to make the whole thing professional. There is a lot more to come here, such as registering a business, informing the tax office, taking out professional liability insurance, agreeing care contracts with the dog owners, making an application to the veterinary office, having commercial - and usable for this purpose - premises and further training in dog training and other important Aspects. But there is still a long way to go. This video shows what it is like when dog care becomes a passion: