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Bengal Cat Boomer: Sweet Minimiez becomes a cool super cat

The young Bengal cat Boomer lives with his big cat sister Didga in Australia with the animal trainer Robert Dollwet. In the video he is still very small and is just moving into his new home. As Dollwet explains, Bengal cats are very active, energetic and intelligent fur noses that require a lot of physical and mental activity - just right for the animal trainer, who has already taught skateboarding and other cool tricks to cat Didga.

In the beginning, Boomer wanted to romp a lot and play with his big sister. Didga is initially somewhat irritated by the young hopper and shows him in his place. But soon the two became friends. In the meantime Boomer is already a jaunty young boy, who moves very casually on the beach of his Australian hometown, as can be seen in the next video.

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