At the last second: Cat Hiro saved from the garbage can

It is unbelievable what people are capable of - for good and for bad. A woman from Canada found a cat in the trash can. Someone had just wanted to dispose of the animal. But the woman brought the red house tiger to loving people who took care of him and looked after him. The video shows his incredible journey from the day he was found in the garbage can to his new home.

The woman from Canada just wanted to take the garbage out when she noticed a large sports bag in the bin. Upon closer inspection, something seemed to move. That "something" was Hiro, a red-haired cat. Weak, malnourished, injured and with dull eyes, he blinked up from the depths of the waste basket. A few moments later the phone rang in the Alberta Animal Service shelter. The animal rights activists immediately set off to collect Hiro. He was in such bad shape that it was not clear whether he would survive the night. But he made it into the next morning.

The nurses feared for his life for a few more nights, but the little fighter bravely bit through, gathered strength, put on weight and soon got back on his feet - shaky, but determined. The first clumsy steps then led him straight to the animal nurses who had cared for him so lovingly. One could almost think that he wanted "Thank you!" say as intimately as he cuddles up to him. A short time later, Hiro was strong enough for the vets to operate on his hip injury.

A good year has passed since the fateful day in the garbage can and not only has the fur re-grown, but Hiro has also found a wonderful home with caring cuddly people and play enthusiasts. If you see him today, you can hardly believe what the little tiger went through. And in spite of all this, he has still remained cuddly and shows his rescuers his love at every opportunity by demanding a lot of pats.

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