Bengal cat boomer uses dog as a springboard

Bengal cat Boomer lives with his big cat sister Didga at the animal trainer Robert Dollwet in Australia. There, the clever Stubentiger learns the best tricks - skateboarding, surfing, walking on a leash and much more. In this video Boomer shows how he jumps over Labrador Mischa. What a bundle of energy!

Dog and cat get along really well in the video - maybe because Labrador Mischa doesn't even try to challenge Boomer's position as the coolest fur sock under the sun. The Bengal cat takes a casual run-up, first jumps on Misha's back and then flies through the air as if he hadn't done anything else throughout his life.

In between, he is allowed to go even higher and also uses the back of his "dad" Robert as a springboard to then jump onto a tree. It looks so weightless and elegant that it's a pleasure. Keep it up, Boomer!

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