Little kittens want to sleep a little longer

Black Jupiter and his three tabby siblings want to doze off a bit. But at some point the hunger gets so big and so they cuddle up to mom Kami for breakfast at the end of the video.

Four young kittens can go crazy - or sneak away in front of them. After all, exploring the world makes you tired! Only five minutes to go ... and when you get crawled so nicely, your eyes will close again. But the four would not be real kittens if the urge to discover did not eventually gain the upper hand! Well, maybe it was hunger too. The black Jupiter leads his three velvet-pawed siblings out of the basket and to mom's milk buffet, where they drink and cuddle.

Cat sucks while cuddling: how to behave?

If your cat sucks on you while petting, cuddling or falling asleep, this is no reason to worry ...