Kitten saved in the last second from freezing!

Branden Bingham and his family from Utah, USA, experienced dramatic hours on Thanksgiving morning: a tiny baby cat, almost frozen, lay under a pile of snow in front of their house. As can be seen in the video, they found the tiny guy just in time - and revived him!

It's like a miracle! The tender, cream-colored kitten lies apathetically in the wool gloves of Branden's brother Justin, who gently carries the completely frozen fur nose into the warmth. He immediately brings the unconscious kitty in front of the fireplace and gently massages her little heart, hoping that it will start beating again.

It doesn't look good at first ... Justin, who has taken a few courses in veterinary medicine, is already muttering "I think we got it", but he doesn't give up. He continues to provide first aid and after an hour the little cat finally moves again! The kitten relaxes in a warm blanket and recovers from the exertions. In the end, Branden's cousin takes in the cute standing man, has it checked out at the vet and peps it up with cat food. Lazarus calls her "Miez", after a man from the Bible whom Jesus raised from the dead. A fitting name!

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