Tom Maru and the triangular scratching board

Such a scratch board is not just for scratching. No, hangover Maru shows in the video that it is also great for stalking, sneaking through and looking for prey. After a successful hunt, you can then enjoy cat life on the massage pillow.

Maru may seem cozy, but once the play instinct is awakened there is not a hint of indolence. As soon as the toy has moved in front of his nose, there is no stopping it. Maru shoots wildly through the scratch triangle. In between, he loosens up, relaxed, almost indifferently - but appearances are deceptive. He resumed the chase at lightning speed and in the end proudly kills the nimble toy.

As is the case with a proud cat, he then makes himself comfortable on his personal massage pillow. Of course, this has to be kneaded well before it is comfortable enough for the gray tiger. He never lets go of his fluffy toy. After all, he killed it with a lot of physical effort and sophistication!

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