Insights into the work of a kitten orphanage

The video shows everyday life in the "San Diego Humane Society's" cat orphanage. It is impressive how lovingly they take care of the tiny mini velvet paws. It's a good thing that such facilities exist, because the kittens are saved from certain death thanks to the care!

Unfortunately, there are still far too few facilities worldwide, such as the "San Diego Humane Society's" cat orphanage. Especially the very small ones need a lot of care and love, which they get from the dear staff in the cat orphanage. The first sips from the vial are drunk, the fur is brushed with a soft toothbrush, delicious meals are fed with the others and a bath under the tap is also on the program for many a needy kitten. At the end of the day it goes back into the boxes, where a little cuddling with the siblings is still possible.

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