Symptoms of constipation in cats

While most cat owners are immediately alerted when the cat has diarrhea, constipation in cats is often accepted relatively calmly or not noticed at all. Constipation is a serious problem. These symptoms of constipation tell you that your house tiger is suffering from the symptoms. Symptoms of constipation in cats - Image: Shutterstock / Katerina Maksymenko

Symptoms of constipation in cats - Image: Shutterstock / Katerina Maksymenko

Not only we humans, but also our pets can suffer from digestive problems such as diarrhea. If your house tiger shows the following symptoms, this may indicate constipation in cats, commonly called constipation. Basically, constipation means that the cat can not or only very little droppings because it is very hard. She tries, but despite hard pressing, she hardly succeeds. As a result, the velvet paws suffer from pain.

Constipation in cats: that's how you notice them

One of the most typical signs is that your cat loudly draws attention to her pain when dropping feces and may even scream. She spends significantly more time in the litter box. The little feces that an affected cat excretes is usually extremely hard, dry and can even be covered with mucus or blood. In the worst case, so-called stone faeces can arise, which can no longer be excreted, but must be removed surgically. Therefore, pay attention to the excretions of your kitty - if you find hard, dry or mucus and blood-covered feces in the litter box more than once, go to the veterinarian and take a stool sample with you.

These symptoms can occur as a result of constipation

Accordingly, constipation in cats can also cause other unpleasant side effects. Your house tiger may lose its appetite to avoid bowel movements. As a result, he can lose weight. Refusing to eat can make your cat appear absent and apathetic because it is not getting enough nutrients and is therefore weakened. In some cases, constipation in cats can also lead to vomiting. Because if the house tiger cannot naturally excrete the stomach contents because it is too painful, the body automatically looks for alternatives.

Cats with constipation: possible causes

Cats with constipation usually suffer from severe pain. The unpleasant complaints can ...

Worst case: intestinal obstruction in cats

A bowel obstruction is an extreme form of constipation, which can be caused by foreign bodies, high-grade worm infestation, tumors or intestinal swallowing. Since an intestinal obstruction is a life-threatening emergency, you must go to the veterinarian immediately with your velvet paw. Read more about this topic in the guide: "Detect intestinal obstruction in cats in good time".

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