Walking etiquette: basic rules for walking the dog

All you need for a dog walk is your four-legged friend, a leash and lots of fresh air? No, you should follow a few basic rules in order to behave responsibly towards your fellow human beings and their dogs. When walking the dog, you should follow a few basic rules - Image: Shutterstock / Rock and Wasp

Mutual respect is essential for the dog walk. That applies to humans and animals. If you are traveling with your furry companion, you should therefore adhere to a few simple basic rules for an uncomplicated get-together of two and four-legged passers-by.

Dog walk: when should the dog be on a leash?

Even if it may be so tempting to let your well-behaved dog run free when walking the dog - in certain situations the leash should be kept on for safety reasons when walking the dog. For example, it usually makes sense to leash your four-legged friend on the road. When encountering other dogs whose behavior you cannot assess, both dogs should stay on the leash. This also applies to children's playgrounds, nature reserves, pastures and other places where a free-running dog could possibly become problematic.

Basic rules of mutual respect

Since some people are afraid of dogs, you should make sure that your four-legged friend does not run uncontrollably towards passers-by - you should therefore always keep an eye on him when walking freely on the dog meadow. In the forest and other natural areas, make sure that your dog stays on the trails and does not chase wild animals. In the city, your dog shouldn't bother other people or get in their way - so it's important in the café or on the S-Bahn that your four-legged companion stays close to your feet.

Tips for meeting other dogs while walking

When you go for a walk with your four-legged friend, you often meet other dogs ...

What to do with dog droppings?

Actually, it should go without saying: If your dog does its business, collect the droppings in a bag and dispose of them in the trash containers provided. This will save other walkers on the sidewalk or in the park from an unpleasant surprise.